Heseltine impressed with MIRA Technology Park plans

Posted on 9 July 2013 · Posted in News

Lord Heseltine gave praise to MIRA Technology Park Enterprise Zone as part of his visit to Leicestershire.  

Lord Heseltine met with Andrew Bacon, chair of the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP), and political and business leaders to discuss local economic initiatives. 

He was inspired by the progress made with economic plans and the developments at MIRA TechnologyPark.  

MIRA Enterprise Zone is set to become the most cutting-edge, independent transport research and development technology park inEurope, offering advanced research and development facilities to tenant companies. 

Lord Heseltine said of the Enterprise Zone:

“It’s a brilliant plan – I couldn’t be more impressed.” 

Andrew Bacon added:

“The Government clearly has an agenda to devolve powers and funding to Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) where there is local knowledge and expertise. We have been encouraged to declare our strengths and build a strong business case for more funding to deliver growth.” 

Lord Heseltine has been heavily involved in supporting the work of LEPs across the UK, following his report ‘No Stone Unturned’ commissioned by the Government.

For more information on Lord Heseltine’s visit see: http://lepnetwork.org.uk/growth-plans-wow-lord-heseltine.html.

For more aout MIRA Technology Park Enterprise Zone see: http://www.miratechnologypark.com/.