Looking for a quick way to find the most exciting place to grow your business – Enterprise Zone Tripline map

Posted on 5 September 2013 · Posted in News

Take a tour around England’s 24 Enterprise Zones with the new Tripline map.

If you are looking for inspiration about where to locate your business, the Enterprise Zone Tripline map could help.

Enterprise Zones are at the centre of the government’s ambitious, long-term plans to build a strong economy, with sustainable growth and shared prosperity.

Each Zone is developing as a centre of excellence in the key growth sectors. They are ideal locations for entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists from start-ups, small, local enterprises and long established multi-national businesses to come together to drive new development, innovation and economic growth.

With a bespoke package of financial incentives, fast-track planning, super-fast broadband, and tax discounts on offer at each Zone; as well as links to world-class universities, excellent transport and access to a supply chain, customer base and workforce, the Tripline map could help make sure you don’t miss this opportunity.

In the last 18 months, 155 businesses have chosen an Enterprise Zone as the place to locate their business, half a billion pounds of private sector investment has been secured, and nearly 4,000 jobs have been created.

Find out more about each Enterprise Zone by sector