£23 million to build up enterprise zones will bring home more local jobs

Posted on 28 May 2014 · Posted in News

Local Growth Minister Kris Hopkins today (28 May 2014) announced that £23 million of essential infrastructure investment will bring more jobs to Bristol, Manchester, Great Yarmouth and Leicestershire as part of the Governments long-term economic plan.

The new money will be used to fund essential road, utility line and building construction vital for increasing business opportunities at enterprise zone sites.

Kris Hopkins announced the money on a visit to the famous MIRA Technology Park Enterprise Zone in Leicestershire to see how Enterprise Zone status is transforming what was once a small former government funded research centre into Europe’s most advanced transport technology facility, which will employ more than 2,500 by 2021.

Kris Hopkins said: “Enterprise Zones are showing that our long term economic plan to secure a better future is spreading businesses, jobs and skills training across the country.

“Today’s cash injection will give four zones the raw ingredients to make their sites a stronger, more competitive business environment that will attract new jobs for hardworking local people.

“It was fascinating to see MIRA, sixty years on, developing the kind of ground-breaking technology that is putting Leicestershire and the UK at the forefront of automotive research and development.”

The funding was the remaining part of a £550m package of support for Enterprise Zones to complete critical ‘nuts and bolts’ infrastructure that will turn sites into prime economic land.

Since their start three years ago Enterprise Zones have created over 9,000 jobs, attracted over 300 businesses and secured £1.2 billion of private sector investment.

The infrastructure investment will fund: