North East Round 2

Innovation-led growth

Our second Enterprise Zone, comprising 10 new sites, builds on the success of our previous activity enhancing opportunities around making, trading and innovating.

The North East LEP ambition, is for innovation-led growth, with a particular focus on areas of ‘Smart Specialisation’. This underpins the investment with our sites intended:

  • to continue to attract investments which can build our manufacturing and export intensity; increasing supply of sites ready for commercial business development and generate growth and employment; and
  • to build the presence of complementary research, development and innovation assets to support long term productivity by driving growth in our local SME base and attracting inward innovation engagement.

Smart Specialisation

Smart Specialisation refers to the areas of activity where the North East has a specific national and international advantage in terms of research capabilities, business strengths and relevant  infrastructure, which provides a strong foundation and environment for growth in comparison to other areas.

The North East LEP has identified four Smart Specialisation areas to focus on for the area:

  • Passenger vehicle manufacture
  • Subsea and offshore technology
  • Life sciences and healthcare
  • Creative, digital, software and technology based services.

Enterprise Zone status completes this offer, making the North East attractive to investors looking to grow in these areas.

Looking to invest, or just want to find out more? Visit the Birmingham Enterprise Zone website here.

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Sector focus

  • Passenger Vehicle Manufacture
  • Subsea and Offshore Technology
  • Life Sciences and Healthcare
  • Creative
  • Digital, Software and Technology


The proposal new North East Enterprise Zone covers 175.4 hectares and will deliver a further 589,000m2 of business space over the 25 years of the sites, with a start date of April 2017. Our sites are located across 10 locations.

Ramparts Business Park, Berwick

Fairmoor, Morpeth

Follingsby Business Park, Gateshead

North Bank of the Tyne extension

Holborn Riverside, South Shields

Newcastle International Airport Business Park, Newcastle

Ashwood Business Park, Ashington

Port of Sunderland, Sunderland

International Advanced Manufacturing Park (IAMP)

Hawthorn Prestige Business Park, Murton

Find out more

James Davies, Programme Manager North East Local Enterprise Partnership
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 0191 338 7430 / 07776 485 972