EZ Data Release 24.08.2015

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The following data pertains to outputs of the Enterprise Zones programme as self-reported by local areas on a quarterly basis. The data is not validated but all efforts have been made to ensure its accuracy. Please note that data collection arrangements are currently being improved to make it more robust and reliable, which means it may be subject to change in the future.

The data below covers the period April 2012 – end March 2015.
The next publication of Enterprise Zone data will be in Autumn 2015.

National Data

Jobs 18,949
Companies 540
Private Sector Investment £2.2bn

Regional Data
Please see below for a split of the above national Enterprise Zone data by region[1].

North Midlands South West South East and London East of England
Jobs 5,125 6,501 2,663 3,670 990
Companies 139 85 118 151 47
Private Sector Investment £1.1bn £1bn £45.1m £68.2m £35.3m

Rural Zones
There are currently 7 Enterprise Zones based predominantly in rural areas[2] , according to DEFRA definitions, and these had supported 3,156 jobs by the end of March 2015.

[1] 9 zones in the North are: Daresbury, Humber, Lancashire, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, North East, Tees, 6 in the midlands: Birmingham, Black Country, Hereford, MIRA, Northampton, Nottingham, 2 in the southwest: Newquay, Bristol, 5 in the South East; Harlow, Discovery Park, Science Vale Oxford, Royal Docks London, Solent), 2 in the East of England: Alconbury, New Anglia

[2] Alconbury, Newquay, Hereford, Lancashire, MIRA, Science Vale, Daresbury