Hereford Enterprise Zone targetting new business at international conference

Posted on 11 October 2013 · Posted in News

More than 30 international businesses in the defence and security sector are involved in talks with Hereford Enterprise Zone.

The discussions come as the Zone’s management team takes their campaign to attract overseas investment to a key global event, Biometrics 2013, being held in London this month.

The 3 day conference focuses on solutions for identity management, authentication and security with biometrics; the technology field which concerns identification of individuals using biological traits, such as those based on retinal or iris scans, fingerprints of DNA.

The international campaign was launched this summer when the Zone targeted hundreds of companies working in the C4ISTAR specialism of the sector, (Command, Control, Communications and Computers, Information/Intelligence, Surveillance and Targeting), Biometrics and Cyber Security, and Defence Support Equipment.

Enterprise Zone chairman Bill Jackson said:

“Biometrics 2013 is a fantastic opportunity to meet up with businesses specialising in this sector. The event will give us a further opportunity to talk about what the Zone can offer in terms of infrastructure, land and a skilled workforce, as well as the bonus of existing supply chains and expertise in the region, with nearby Qinetiq and GCHQ.”

Enterprise Zone managing director Mark Pearce added:

“Biometrics is a growing industry globally, and we’re keen to talk to companies looking to expand their operations in the UK.

“Skylon Park can offer 72-hectares of shovel ready land in Herefordshire, a county home to more than 85 companies are already operating in the defence and security sector.

“This is the right time to be talking about new business opportunities in the security world with the creation of the new Joint Cyber Reserve Unit announced by Defence Secretary Philip Hammond last month.”

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