New tenants boost for Discovery Park Enterprise Zone

Posted on 5 July 2013 · Posted in News

Discovery ParkEnterprise Zone has welcomed 3 more new tenants to its Innovation House business centre.

James Mannings, co-owner of new resident Top Villas, said:

“We had been keeping a close eye on the site in the local media and through the Discovery Park website, and so were aware of the opportunities available. It is one of the best office spaces in the country and as we live in Sandwich, the location is ideal for us.

“The size of the complex, its facilities and the potential for the site really excites us and it is perfect for the future expansion of our business. We currently employ 15 staff but it is our intention to grow to a team of 20 by the summer. We also hope to double our portfolio by the end of the year with the addition of more destinations and luxury holiday homes, with many new and innovative ideas for the future.”

Digital Detective, a leading provider of digital forensic software solutions, relocated its office to Discovery Park to sit alongside the network of science companies already on site and to take advantage of the superfast broadband.

Craig Wilson, Managing Director, Digital Detective, said:

“We heard about the developments at Discovery Park on the regional news and were impressed with the plans for the site. This year in essence is about expanding, developing new cutting edge forensic software and continuing to strengthen our presence in theUnited StatesandEurope.”

Anna Stone from DiscoveryPark, said:

“We have made steady progress in terms of bringing a wide range of businesses on board. We have some way to go to full capacity, but the stable growth of the park means it is now beginning to buzz with new businesses and opportunities and offer a real sense of a thriving business community.

“It is important for Discovery Park to ensure it meet the needs of all types of businesses across the south east in terms of location and facilities, and we believe we deliver this requirement fully. It is clear that the IT facilities on offer, such as 1GB dedicated connection for high speed broadband, help to attract digital and technology businesses to the site, with each month bringing new developments, and we are keen to build on this growth.”

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